Our Story

The Gaijin Story

Founded in 2022 by a passionate father and son duo, Gaijin Distillery emerged from a shared dream to create premium, small-batch gin. Our flagship product, Gaijin Victoria Dry Gin, sets the standard with its exquisite blend of locally sourced organic botanicals and a unique infusion of Australian and Japanese citrus.

Our journey began with a love for fine spirits and a dedication to quality. We meticulously craft each batch in our artisanal distillery, ensuring every bottle delivers a rich, smooth, and flavoursome experience.

As we grow, we are excited to introduce new products like Gaijin Citrus Gin and Gaijin Navy Cut, each crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Our Process

At Gaijin Distillery, we believe in transparency and craftsmanship. Our gins are distilled using traditional methods, combined with innovative techniques to extract the purest flavours from our botanicals. We are committed to sustainability, sourcing our ingredients ethically and supporting local suppliers.

Join Our Family

We invite you to taste our gin and become part of the Gaijin family. Our commitment to quality and community ensures that you won't be disappointed.